Secure the Silver

Minor Quest

Secure the Silver

Poor Greag doesn’t know what he’s riding into. You just have to reach him in time! — Argenta

Quest Giver: Argenta
Quest Target: Greag, the caravan driver hired to transport Argenta’s wares
Quest Location: South along the Kingsroad. Greag is days ahead of the adventurers by now, so he is probably somewhere in the Harken Forest. By the time they catch up, he may be as far as Albridge or even Harken

Quest Completed Satisfactorily?
| Y | N | In Progress |

Completed By: Torik, Merri, Vamaniel, Staimos

Completion Notes: Greag was encountered close to Harken, just past Albridge, but he and his horse were bloodied, his guards were dead, and he was being attacked by wolves and goblins. For saving him, each character involved in the rescue was rewarded 30 GP. For saving the caravan driver’s silver when two Iron Circle thugs came by after the encounter, both by hiding it and by intimidating them to leave, the party received 20 more GP per member, for a total GP payout of 200 GP. Torik left to escort Greag back to camp, while the other adventurers went towards Harken to gather information about the threat to Harkenwold.

Secure the Silver

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