Grimbold Thriddamarsh

Grimbold Thriddamarsh lives on the outskirts of Harken, at the extreme southwest of the town. He and his siblings, along with their spouses and children live together in one house, and although he is unmarried, as the eldest of four brothers and five sisters, he claims the title of head of households.

Grimbold and his family are shifters, ancestors of lycanthropes without the full range of lycanthrope powers and associated problems. As such, they are more easily able to integrate into village society. The Thriddamarsh family has done just that, serving as ad-hoc teachers and guides in wilderness training. Anyone in Harken who wants to train their skills as a hunter has come to the Thriddamarsh family at one point or another.

Grimbold quietly helps the Resistance in Harken, and while he doesn’t stick out his neck too far, he keeps on eye on travelers passing through the area and does his best to help those who get in trouble with the Iron Circle.

Grimbold carries with him an enormous greatbow he has named Werslean.

Grimbold Thriddamarsh

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