This is the campaign home for “A Spot of Silver.” Our campaign is starting with the published adventures “The Twisting Halls” and “Reavers of Harkenwold” for 4th-Edition Dungeons and Dragons, but will jump off at the conclusion of those adventures into all sorts of different directions.

As the Iron Circle descends on the village of Harken and attempts to subdue the entire Barony of Harkenwold, a silversmith in Fallcrest requests the help of an assortment of adventurers in securing her trade routes and recovering her goods. As they attempt to uncover the mystery behind the Iron Circle’s designs on the Nentir Vale, they discover that greater forces are at work, forces that write themselves in letters of silver and steel.

While some material in this wiki is borrowed directly from published DND 4E materials, other information is homebrewed. Locations, NPC names, adventure hooks, and other information may be changed at any time. I invite anyone else working through these published campaigns to borrow the information on this wiki — the Villages chart of travel times around Harkenwold might prove especially helpful — but please remember some of this information may not mesh entirely with the “official” materials. Names, relationships among non-player-characters, settings, and locations may change drastically depending on the demands of the storyline I’m developing in tandem with the “canonical” materials, and I don’t intend to do a lot of marking when something is homebrew and when something is true-blue Wizards copy. So re-use at your own risk! I do request, though, that when you borrow, you ONLY borrow information relevant to running published adventures — anything on here that is homebrewed is the work of either me or my players.

I occasionally use images I find from around the net, without attribution, mainly because I’m not great with Textile and sometimes can’t figure out ways to work in a proper image credit in a stylistically pretty manner. If you find an image on this site that you own, please let me know and I will either take it down or offer attribution.

For campaign members, this wiki will become a go-to spot for new campaign info.