Tor's Hold

Tor’s Hold is less a single steading than a collection of them. About a century ago, a young man named Tor Hammerfist moved to the area with his young wife Ygres. The young couple was from Easthill, and while rumors abound as to why they left Easthill, most accounts are simple enough: two young people, madly in love, were barred from marriage by their families. So they fled, stopped in Albridge to seal the knot, and continued west until they were about as far from Easthill as one could get without entering the forest or fording the White River.

They quickly set about building a family, and build they did. They had no fewer than eleven children, seven of whom have survived to own steadings in the immediate vicinity of their father’s old farmhouse.

Old Tor is now long dead, but the area he built is now known as Tor’s Hold, and rivals the other villages of Harkenwold in size. Numbering 141 people at the last census, Tor’s hold is northwest of Marl and due west of Albridge. His eldest daughter, Branda Torsdottir, is the leader of Tor’s Hold, and is engaged in a protracted struggle with various monsters that inhabit the wilds at the border of the woods and caves that dot the riverbank.

Tor’s Hold’s primary industries are related to the nearby Harken Forest, and lumber and woodworking crafts are a primary export of the town.

Tor's Hold

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