The Binding Ritual

The following are the words from the Binding Ritual of Moradin, designed to seal the stone titan Stonefang within the Well of Anguish as the pieces of his body are placed in their respective circles:

Sapphire eye and ruby heart,
Fang of ancient stone be bound
Granite rib and grasping hand
On this plane no more be found
Take these sundered parts in turn,
Set in circles round thee;
Shout aloud in Dwarven tongue:
“By Moradin, I bind thee!”

Later verses were added which strengthened the bindings of Moradin by invoking the power of Torog; these verses are heretical to Moradin, but are considered necessary by the Shadowed Chain to keep the titan at bay. As such, this portion of the ritual is extremely long and pedantic, elaborate in the attempt to thread the needle between outright heresy against Moradin and necessary devotion to the Infernal Jailer.

There is also a Heretical Addendum to the Binding Ritual, set forth by the Mad Abbess centuries ago. It is regarded as a wild flight of fancy by most of the Shadowed Chain, but there are still a few who regard the Mad Abbess as a prophet and a visionary and who have kept alive the memory of these verses.

The Binding Ritual

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