Heretical Addendum to the Binding Ritual

Added by the Mad Abbess of the Shadowed Chain in ages past, these additional verses of The Binding Ritual are considered heretical due to their invocations of Sehanine, their suggestion that the titan Stonefang might not need to be bound permanently, and their general incomprehensibility to the dwarven cult that guards the Well of Anguish.

There may yet come a point in time,
in years beyond our knowing,
when Stonefang’s heart, though wrathful still,
might set aside its mourning.
When threatened moon hangs wan and red
and lights the southlands dimly,
then Sehanine, her visage mocked,
might woo the titan’s mem’ry.

Then stand within the circles,
ye braver ones, ye bold!
Let holy cleric stand with song
and speak to stony lord.
Forget ye Torog’s crueler chains,
and even Dwarven fire.
Call out to Stonefang at the last
though deadly still his ire.

Speak: “Mighty Stonefang, granite crag,
Sehanine beseech thee!
Though you forgot, she still has not,
Now moonlit lady needs thee!”
I caution those who choose to speak:
Beware the titan’s wrath!
Lest moonlight sever all his chains
he still might block your path.

Then freedom must be paid in blood
by one whose veins are old.
For Stonefang covets of himself
and may leave the singer cold.
Yet his freedom whispers
a quiet, secret song.
if ye stand in sacrifice
ye may again live long.

Heretical Addendum to the Binding Ritual

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