Fun Points


Fun Points are an idea I’ve borrowed from another DM, Aethan. (He’s on Obsidian Portal, so check him out!) The basic mechanic works like this: every game, every player gets 2 Fun Points they can “gift” to another player, and additional Fun Points might be granted by the DM for particularly interesting things that a character does throughout the story. Eventually, you’ll be able to spend Fun Points in a variety of ways, but for now, they will be used to enable the use of DND Fortune Cards during a game.

Earning Fun Points

In-character, you can earn Fun Points by doing neat things in game; actions that are funny, effective, or just plain cool might encourage one of your fellow players to give you one of their precious 2 Fun Points per session. The DM may also award Fun Points, especially for good roleplaying or efficient use of your turn.

Specific amounts of Fun Points are also granted for some specific out-of-character actions, as follows:

  1. Bringing Snacks or Drinks: 1-3 FP
  2. Coming from farther away than others: 2 FP
  3. Coming with a roleplaying “prop”: 3 FP
  4. Being the first to unlock an achievement: 3 FP
  5. Getting an achievement unlocked by someone else on your first time: 1 FP
  6. Adding to the Wiki: 5-10 FP
  7. Arriving on time: 1 FP
  8. Adding your characters session log after a session: 5 FP

The following are one-time-only rewards:

  1. Writing up a character background for your character sheet on the wiki: 10 FP
    Rewarded to: Vamaniel, Staimos
  2. Make a list of 3 things you want out of the campaign: 3 FP
    Rewarded to:
  3. Come up with your item reward “wish list”: 3 FP
  4. Read the Core Rulebook: 5 FP
  5. Bringing your own miniature: 2 FP
    Rewarded to: Vamaniel, Merri

Spending Fun Points

Right now, Fun Points are used to buy DND Fortune Cards for your deck. You may use the DM’s supply of Fortune Cards, or you may bring your own — the DMs are all marked to indicate whose they are. Your deck may have 3 cards in it at any time, with certain exceptions. Fortune Cards can be bought at the following prices:

  1. Buying a standard fortune card: 10 FP
  2. Buying a special fortune card: 15 FP
  3. Buying either type of card in excess of your limit: +10 to FP base cost
  4. Increasing your deck size by one (to a max of 10): 20 FP

Current FP Totals

As with the XP chart, I keep a back up of this in the DM section.

Character Name Total Cards in Deck/Total Possible
Arannis 53 4/3
Merri 55 4/3
Sister 62 5/3
Staimos 47 5/3
Torik 60 4/3
Vamaniel 80 4/3

Fun Points

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