Faralax avatar

Not much is known about the history of Farallax, other than that he claimed to be the third great-nephew of Megallax, a legendary white dragon from the northern reaches of the Nentir Vale. This is a fact he was very proud of, despite the fact that the adventurers who slew him invented Megallax as a way of making the young dragon feel special.

After hatching and setting out on his own, Farallax established a den in the Abbey of the Five Altars, attracting a small cult of weak kobolds who tended to his needs and kept him well fed. Not strong enough to really make waves, Farallax’s small hoard was essentially provided for him by kobolds picking over the bones of deceased travelers who passed nearby…such as the bones of one particularly unfortunate but at least well-provisioned bard!

Farallax met his end when an entrepid band of adventurers encountered him in the Abbey and won his assistance in seeking out another occupant of the abbey complex, Malareth. Upon receiving what Farallax had to offer, the adventurers promptly cut him down, although he went down fighting.


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