Codexicus Arannisias

A loose sheaf of paper, creased as if once sealed for sending, sticks out from Arannis’ spellbook. It shows no signs of ever being sent, and perhaps Arannis intercepted it’s travel. It reads as follows.


One eldadrin elf, who styles himself “Arannis,” appears to be heading into your holdings. We have reason to belief this magic-user is not of wholly-good repute, and advise you use caution when dealing with him.

Reasons are as follows:

1. The eladrin in question scoured our local marketplace and bookseller for tomes dealing with the Old Gods, of which respectable scholars speak little. He shows little interest in the true gods of our day—mighly Pelor least of all—and instead seeks information on a certain tribal deity of ages past. Our local scribe, the venerable Beadle, reports that ‘Arannis’ knew far too much about these ancient figures for his years.

2. A dwarf lost his life in a local tavern, the Bloody Drake, under suspicious circumstances. Fellow patrons report that the dwarf, a local miner who often drank himself into a frenzy, appeared to accost the lone eladrin patronizing the bar. The eladrin spoke little, but he did warn the dwarf to “not trifle with what one does not know.” The dwarf persisted, and this ‘Arannis’ appeared to leave the bar unflustered. Come morning, the dwarf in question was found dead in his room above the tavern. He had apparently strangled himself with his own hands…

3. A week after the mage took residence in our local inn, the innkeeper’s sow miscarried.

These incidents prove overwhelmingly that Arannis is a menace to good society and should be sent elsewhere. He has finally left us in peace, but you do not seem to be so lucky.

With highest praise to mighty Pelor and Erathis, long may they reign,

Your Northern Neighbors

Codexicus Arannisias

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