Few have heard the name Aurom spoken, and few others know his story. The name is vague in gender and race, so She or He may have been god of many or few.

The one thing that is known, however, is that Aurom is dead.

Arannis is particularly tight-lipped as to Aurom, but a rough outline of the god’s life emerges. Aurom was a deity of great power, well-loved for not interfering unjustly in the lives of mortals. S/he was linked primarily with Death, that most just of institutions, and received worship as the great leveling power of mortality.

But other gods grew jealous of this adoration. Their advances were rebuffed, but one—Nerull, who Arannis will only call “The Usurper”—managed to gain Aurom’s trust. Nerull slew Aurom in the god’s very confidence, taking responsibility for Death. He was a god of abandon and cruelty, however, and the cries of mortals eventually moved the Raven Queen to kill him and take over Death’s holdings.

Nerull had tried to erase all knowledge of Aurom’s existence from the land, but the Raven Queen made his machinations known before Nerull’s execution. Today, only the Enclave of Dust still honors the Dead God, seeking the “True Death” that destroys all figments of mortality from the flesh. Arannis himself does not seem to be a member of the enclave, but there is some strange and deep relationship between the story of Aurom and his own. Only time will tell what this relationship is.


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