Symbol: Wolf Head
Alignment: Good
Domains: Protection, Prudence, Defense
Favored Weapon: Greatsword
Favored Races: Shifters, Lycanthropes

Aruman was once nothing more than a regular wolf. In ages long lost, he came across a green creature in the woods and attacked it, but instead of fighting back, the creature let the wolf press his assault. Despite his best efforts, Aruman’s claws and teeth and growls did not seem to phase the creature in the slightest. As he lay down exhausted, the creature rose and pronounced a blessing upon Aruman in a strange, melodic voice. Suddenly, Aruman realized how to understand words, and realized that he was being blessed by The Green Man, one of the most powerful of the ancient guardians of the world.

As time went on, Aruman slowly developed the ability to move between human and animal form, and grew in size and strength. Fiercely dedicated to protecting the Green Man from harm, Aruman became a deity for all those who seek the protection of others. In addition, many legends exist of Aruman’s ability to control his animal side when the time calls for it, making him a critical deity for those lycanthropes who seek to manage their were-status and still contribute to society.

In such temples, often kept reasonably hidden thanks to prevailing stereotypes about lycanthropes, Aruman is depicted as a human with noticeable, but subtle, wolf-like features. The adventurers discovered a shrine to Aruman in the Abbey of the Five Altars, and the noticeably lupine skull of the Blessed-of-Four Monk Gubbio Hircus led them to believe that the Abbey was, in fact, a holy location for reformed and never-corrupted were-animals, were-people, and shifters.


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