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  • Farallax

    !http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/122324/Faralax-avatar.jpg(Faralax avatar)!

    Not much is known about the history of Farallax, other than that he claimed to be the third great-nephew of Megallax, a …

  • Enemies

    h3. [[Harkenwold]] [[Malareth]] [[Jixin]] [[Farallax]] [[Nazin Redthorn]] [[Gloorpk]] [[Yisarn Myd-Bos]] [[Snilvor]]

  • Iron Circle

    The Iron Circle appears to be a group of mercenaries operating in the [[Harkenwold]] area, maintaining their power through seizure and control of [[Harken Castle]], renamed the [[Iron Keep]]. In order to subdue the countryside, they have taken extreme …