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  • Dar Gremath

    An old warrior in [[Albridge]], Dar Gremath's name has come up several times in conjunction with the nascent resistance movement to the [[Iron Circle]]. The characters have not yet encountered him.

  • Argenta

    h3. Livelihood A master silversmith in Fallcrest, Argenta's living is dependent on two things. First, she needs the raw silver ore from the silver mines of Sarthal. And second, due to the general lack of extremely wealthy nobility in the Nentir Vale, …

  • Sister Sondal

    A kindly cleric in the town of [[Harken]], Sister Sondal is a strongly-built, sturdy woman who wears her long black hair in a tight braid. Her [[House of Faith]] is dedicated to four local gods. She herself is ordained in the Cult of [[Sehanine]]. …