Skull of Gubbio Hircus

The only remaining relic of the Blessed-of-Four Monk


The Skull of the Blessed-of-Four Monk, Gubbio Hircus, is an important religious relic, especially for followers of the cults of Pelor, Erathis, Moradin, and Bahamut. Thanks to the work of the adventurers hired by Sister Sondal, the relic may one day be a holy object of the cult of Aruman as well.

The skull appears to contain the features one would expect of a werewolf in his hybrid form. While alive, no one suspected that Gubbio might have been a lycanthrope, but the skull seems genuine — found as it was in a reliquary box marked with the four sigils of the relevant gods and the initials GH. This find may go a long way towards recovering the true history of the Abbey of the Five Altars.

Skull of Gubbio Hircus

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