A Spot of Silver

The Shattered Vestibule

A church is a great place to camp

During their first foray into the Abbey of the Five Altars, seeking the sacred Skull of the Blessed-of-Four Monk in order to help Sister Sondal at the local chapel, the adventurers first encountered a gang of dragons, a pet guard drake, and a goblin shaman working some unknown ritual. They also found a horse tethered nearby for some odd reason, and decided to move it outside, taking pains to insure that its location outside wouldn’t be noticed.

Exploring the vestibule, they found a strange pool glowing with arcane energy. The wizard Arannis examined it, and it glowed with powerful light, showing him a vision of the room beyond. With the foreknowledge of the dire rats and goblin minions lurking beyond the door, the adventurers were able to mount a daring assault, surprising the enemies and routing them handily.

After a little exploration, they determined that it was highly possible that one passage led to a dragon’s lair, so they chose a different direction. There they found a strange room of five-foot tiles, some black and some white, set in a chessboard pattern on the floor. After Vamaniel ran headlong into the room, he discovered that taking steps outside of the specific roles of the chess piece one adopted when first stepping on one of the room’s tiles resulted in a scary mental assault! The team dispatched the chess pieces that came to life in this room, and decided to return to the vestibule for a much-needed night of rest. They hoped that the resting time would give their bard healer, Torik, time to catch up with them. He had been entrusted to escort Argenta’s caravan driver back to Albridge after the adventurers saved the driver from certain death, and the adventurers knew it wouldn’t be easy fighting dragons without Torik at their side once more.

Now Sister, Merri, Arannis, Staimos, and Vamaniel have made camp in the vestibule, hoping that Torik would arrive by dawn. What horrors await them deep in this chapel? They already suspect a Dragon has taken refuge in the western wings of the Abbey. And didn’t Sister Sondal did mention a wicked dabbler in necromantic arts, Malareth. The shadows in this abbey seem…they seem to move. With the dark pressing in all around, the adventurers have no choice but to wait until the sun rises, to embark once more into the terrors of this once-divine, now-corrupted place of “worship.”


SighterGoliant SighterGoliant

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